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Batwing Dress

Meet your new everyday uniform - Batwing Dress

I was introduced to this most comfortable 'baju kelawar' when I was pregnant with my first born & it still one of my favourite everyday dress today.

Over years, I have seen remarkable vaanilite's experiences...

'Love sgt, tak payah gosok, terus sarung. Husband siap support suruh beli lagi' - Syazwani Kamaruddin

'Mak Zati pun suka, siap nak kumpul semua warna' - Nur Izzati

The Batwing Dress collection features fitted sleeve with loose-body cutting making it cosy for stay-in, classy enough for outing!

It is one of the wardrobe essentials worth investing in that will take you through all the journey from our 'zaman anak dara' to expecting mum-to-be. So you don't have to completely overhaul your wardrobe & save more for something else far important.

Batwing Dress - for everybody, every lifestyle & everyday