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Batwing Dress Minimalism

Take a closer look at the new VAANILLA Batwing Dress Minimalism & you will love how the variegated yarns create a very simple yet sophisticated pattern all over fabric!

Traipse around the house or get ready for outing easier with this comfortable 'baju kelawar'

Versatile for all generations!

This limited edition collection is designed to be one of the wardrobe essentials worth investing in that will take you through all the journey from our 'zaman anak dara' to expecting mum-to-be.

So you don't have to completely overhaul your wardrobe & save more for something else far important.

If you are wondering about the it's difference compared with the standard Batwing Dress collection, Minimalism's fabric is slightly thicker & have a minimal pattern created by its own multicoloured thread of the fabric.

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Reward yourself & get for someone you love as we offer FREE standard postage nationwide including Peninsular, Sabah & Sarawak when you purchase minimum 2 pieces in single order!