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Satin Oval Shawl in Golden Flakes ( Eyelash )

RM 49.00

Product Information

Aisha Satin scarf collection is designed for versatility and reliability.

Preserving the breathability of a scarf is just as important as ensuring its water repellency.

Getting stain on your scarf can be uncomfortable and frustrating, which is why we ensure our material offers incredibly breathable stain proofing perfomance.

  • Type of fabric : 100% polyester; high quality of Satin fabric with matte-back feature ensures that it holds in place
  • Feature : Water repellency on the outside Demi-shine surface ensures stainproofing, breathable, easy to shape, easy to care
  • Type of stitching : Picot or eyelash
  • Type of hijab : Long scarf or shawl in tubular-shape
  • Model is wearing Aisha Satin Scarf in Golden Flakes ( Eyelash Version in Tubular-shape ) in large size. Model's height is 170 cm.

Size Guide

Satin Oval Shawl in Golden Flakes ( Eyelash ) available in two measurement options ( in meter ) : 

  • Large : 2.0 ( length ) x 0.7 ( width )
  • Medium : 2.0 ( length ) x 0.6 ( width )