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Petals in Grey

RM 69.00

'Every flower blooms in its very own time...' Don't worry, yours will be in the right timing!

Flowers are generally affectionate, sweet, and loving – they are a gift to earth. The fact that they fill us with delight makes them the perfect gift for whatever occasion. Their elegance and delicate touch fill us with awe.

A collection made to brighten your day, Petals

Simple yet significant pastel shades of Petals are swirled together in a print of floral decadence throughout this breathable & beautiful-drape shawl or long scarf. 

Made from a drapey pearl chiffon fabric, and boasting exclusive illustration of floral motif in 3D mode, this shawl will instantly transport you into a spring state of mind where you believe in yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.

Product Information

  • Design : Shawl ( long scarf ), Exclusive floral motif at the both edge of the scarf & one side along the length.
  • Material/ fabric : Signature 75D chiffon; crepe texture
  • Measurement : Length 200 x Width 65 cm
  • Finishing/ stitching : Machine-rolled selvage
  • Opacity level : 7/10
  • Packaging : Signature envelope-box with ribbon